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Kingsted AV has the ability and know-how to offer custom audio visual services. We can recreate the cinema look and feel within your home. At a touch of a button, you can have a high performance cinema in your own home.

We design each room to your specification and needs whatever your room size or requirements. Kingsted AV design a bespoke solution for you. Everything is tailored to your size, performance needs and budget.

Kingsted AV can offer a complete solution from interior design to the latest audio and video hardware. Let us bring your vision to reality. We are authorised to supply and install top brands such Sim2, Pro-Audio, Anthem, Paradigm, Trinnov, Fortress seating and many more.

Multi-room Audio Systems

Kingsted AV multi-room systems allow the end user to reproduce music in any desired location. Music access can be obtained via dedicated wall mounted touch screens or via wireless devices such as smart tablets or phones.

The flexibility and ease of use means the overall experience is enhanced and enjoyed by all within the home. Bespoke configurations allow the individual to select and play their personal music wherever.

Services such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Rhapsody allow the end user to simply select and play which ever genre of music desired without the constant hassle of changing CD’s or downloading or saving to a storage device. We are proud to offer our clients some of the best audio visual services and products on the market from Control 4, Bang and Olufsen, RTI, Sonos, Denon Heos and many more.

HD 4K Distribution

Today’s modern homes are designed to be functional yet aesthetically pleasing. HD 4K distribution is designed the same way. Instead of multiple satellite boxes, Blu-rays and other video based devices repeated locally in each room, HD or 4K distribution allows them to be conveniently installed out of sight but allowing the exact same functionality as if they were still present in the room.

Kingsted AV has invested time and money in finding the most reliable and functional products on the market and currently use popular brands such as Blustream, CYP and Wyrestorm removing the clutter of cables without the quality, allowing us to offer great audio visual services.

Aerial & Satellite Systems

Technology now offers you enhanced picture viewing capabilities with formats such as plasma and LED. Kingsted AV aerial and satellite systems are guaranteed to give you the best possible picture results whatever your viewing format.

Our systems can be designed to distribute and watch your satellite, DVD and CCTV system from any television in the house.

TV Installation

Kingsted AV is qualified to supply & install any TV regardless of size or weight in any location. If you have already purchased a TV and require installation assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist whether it be a 28 inch LG or 110 inch Samsung. We have the correct skills to offer a range of audio visual services.

Lighting Control

In this day and age we all have our lighting preferences, be it LED, fibre optics, low energy, or halogen, we can give you exactly what you need. All your lighting is incorporated into your home automation app, being accessible from your smart device and control system. We will pre-programme scenes, effects and events so depending on your mood, we have the lighting solution for you.

No automation system or prewiring? Not an issue. We design, supply, install and programme smart lighting systems for all types of properties from stand alone systems to retrofit. We are Lutron accredited and utilise other top brands such as Rako and Control 4 lighting. We often upgrade properties to smart lighting systems that only have conventional light switches with no damage or alterations to the structure or looks of the property.

Home Automation

As technology evolves so do our homes and requirements. Home automation systems are a fantastic answer to bringing all your technology together in one simple easy to use control system.

Imagine controlling your lights, blinds, heating, TV’s, speakers, gates, doors and security all via a touch of a button. Top brands such as Control 4 and RTI make all of these things possible.

Kingsted AV will design a perfect package for you and your family, we are authorised to supply and install the top manufactures products available in today’s market.


The most important piece of technology offered to the modern family and home is security. We want to protect our family and belongings the best way possible.

Kingsted AV supply and install numerous security products to help protect the things that matter most to you, utilising crystal clear CCTV technology from brands such as Lilin and advanced monitoring and detection systems from brands such as Texecom.


Today’s society has developed in such a way that we heavily rely on communicating with each other in an instant. Kingsted AV realise the importance of this whether it be business or personal. Reliable communication is paramount.

Due to the ever increasing building regulations to produce an energy efficient green home, the modern building is so well insulated we often suffer with low or no mobile phone signal when inside the property.

We offer the latest communications devices ready to install in your home. Kingsted AV has a range of telephone systems extending from standard mini exchanges to digital cordless cell station systems up to the latest VOIP.

Network & Internet

We live in a world governed by the internet. We rely on it for work, social and entertainment purposes. Kingsted AV offer a range of network enclosure systems extending from simple ‘plug and play’ to the most up-to-date communication patch panels.

We can install the fastest networks, using Cat6e or Fibre cable to ensure speed and reliability with full point-to-point diagnostics and reports. Kingsted AV can offer wireless network that is setup perfectly for your property.

Brands such as Luxul are used to provide not just a reliable performance but aesthetically pleasing installation options. What ever the size Kingsted AV can help you connect wherever you are.

Smart heating

Smart heating control is becoming more and more popular within the residential home. Smart heating can be utilised within home automation systems or be stand alone by using retrofit brands such as Nest.

Imagine the ability to turn on and off your heating while being away. Some smart heating systems have an option to learn your preferences and remove the complicated heating programmer we all hate to use.

Protection modes are built in as standard and will prevent your property from getting too cold or too hot in some cases. Speak to a member of our team to discuss how this can benefit you.

Door entry systems

Kingsted AV offers a variety of entry solutions to suit all developments. Door Entry Monitoring Systems allow you to view visitors on camera whilst talking to them via a discreet in wall LCD module or wireless interface.

We can offer the ultimate solution in secure entry systems. They can be integrated with automation systems allowing visual communications via an iPad or wireless touch screen.

Smart homes can benefit from fantastic technical advances such as Biometric and electric keypad door locks and handles. Locking yourself out of the house or losing the keys can be made less stressful when you still have the function of getting into your home without them. Top brands such as Yale and Came-BPT are utilised within the modern home to help secure and allow secure ease of access.

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